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'Supernatural's' seventh season premiere introduces an extreme power shift

A setima temporada de supernatural traz uma drastica mudança de poder essa é a tradução do titulos da postagem.e o site publicou muito mais:

Lucifer was so powerful his vessel could not hold him, so why would God be any different? If God truly is all-powerful, than he should tear his vessel apart at a much faster rate. And if you’ve seen the promotional photos for the seventh season premiere of Supernatural, you know Castiel (Misha Collins) is in bad shape. But things aren’t so simple as they may appear, and the reason for his situation will prove to be something of which we should all be afraid.

Lucifer era muito poderoso seu recepitaculo(sua "casca") não aguentava,então porque Deus seria fiferente?de deus realmete tem todo o poder,sua casca sederá muito mais rapido.e se voce esta vendo as fotos promocionais voce sabe que castiel esta mau , mas as coisas não são tão simples,e essa situação irá provar  algo que nos todos provavelmete teremos medo.(não vai dar tempo de traduzir o resto mas quem quizer este é o resto do que foi publicado AQUI
It seems Castiel overlooked those few details when he absorbed all of the souls in purgatory to become the new God-- “the new boss”-- though. He believed his own bullshit, if you will, and he is out to do all he criticized his dad for never swooping in and taking care of. But as we will come to learn, there is a reason that the real (?) God left certain things alone.
While Castiel relishes in his new power, smiting those who twisted the word of God (including a fabulous Michele Bachmann copy), Dean (Jensen Ackles) works on fixing the one and only thing over which he has real control: his once-again dented Impala. With Sam (Jared Padalecki) still experiencing hallucinations about hell, Dean is powerless, so he sets his sights smaller. In truth, this seems to be indicative of Dean’s place moving forward. Finally he is just a man. Once he was larger than life, a hunter who seemed to be indestructible because of the higher purpose he was destined for. But that is behind him, and now what he is up against is so much bigger than he can even imagine, he kind of shrinks in its shadow.
And without being "fixed" by Castiel, Sam is spiraling in his own ways. Hallucinations are one thing, but keeping them, or the extent of them, a secret is a whole other one. Sam is more confused than we could have possibly imagined, and though there is at least one moment when it looks like Soulless Sam might be back, in truth Sam's journey is just getting kicked off in "Meet The New Boss" and it promises to be even darker and more long-term detrimental to his psyche than anything he has experienced in seasons past.
The one trick Dean, Sam, and Bobby (Jim Beaver) have up their sleeve is to utilize the King of Hell, Crowley (Mark Sheppard), but Castiel may have gotten to him first… So they turn to Death (guest star Julian Richings)-- to bind him to them so that Castiel cannot kill them when they attempt to take him on. But is Death truly more powerful than God? After a pissing contest between the two, we will get our answer, and when all is said and done, the true power will be a little bit gross, and a lot shocking.
“Meet The New Boss” picks up immediately where season six left off-- in physicality, in tone, and in style. No longer a true road show, Dean, Sam, and Bobby seem bound in their own right to two simple locations: Bobby’s house and the lab. And it is a much more “talky” episode, hinting at story by telling, rather than showing. There’s a lot to be set up here, and it turns out to be too much for just one episode; “Meet The New Boss” leaves us with a mini-cliffhanger worthy of any hellatus. Thankfully this one will only be a week long, though, with the action resuming just next week in “Hello Cruel World.”
The boys of Supernatural are playing in a much wider field than every before, with the same old tools they’ve had for years but no book to tell them how to handle what they are coming up against now.

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